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Inulin| Intestinal "scavenger"| Blood vessel "purifier"| Firewall against cancer


We can start with a piece of Jerusalem artichoke.

Those who have lived in the countryside are probably familiar with this picture---Isn't that the Jerusalem artichoke? Yes, this is a picture of Jerusalem artichoke. And the inulin that we're going to talk about today comes from these seemingly ordinary Jerusalem artichokes.

Although we know Jerusalem artichoke, but not necessarily know that Jerusalem artichoke has a poetic name: Helianthus tuberosus Linn.

Inulin -- "gold fiber" in dietary fiber

With the development of modern science and technology, scientists found that, with the Jerusalem composite rhizome as raw material, removing protein, gum, crude fiber and minerals, can obtain the world's best dietary fiber - inulin.

Inulin, as a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber, not only has all the health effects of common dietary fiber, but also overcomes the deficiency of other dietary fiber, for example hypoglycemia reaction, calcium absorption problems and so on. The industry's assessment of inulin is unprecedented, they call inulin as "fiber of gold", regarding inulin as the gold in dietary fiber. Its value is evident.

Intestinal "scavenger"

Inulin entering the human body, absorbs water and expands into transparent colloidal substance, which is fermented and utilized by intestinal bacteria in the intestinal tract, increasing the volume of feces, increasing the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, and facilitating the smooth excretion of feces. Preventing the generation of constipation, also reduce the various diseases caused by constipation. If the lack of this "intestinal scavenger", intestinal peristalsis will be weakened, and the body is difficult to remove toxins; At the same time, the expert also discovers that lacking "intestinal scavenger", the secretion of cholic acid can be reduced, and reducing the action of cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar also will be accomplished very hard.

Blood vessel "purifier"

After inulin absorbing water and expanding in the human intestinal tract, the formed dietary fiber covers chyme and reduces the contact between the fat in chyme and the intestinal mucosa, thus reducing the absorption of fat in the intestinal mucosa. This is the reason why inulin can reduce the level of blood lipid.

In addition, inulin can produce short-chain fatty acids, including acetic acid and propionic acid, during the fermentation of intestinal flora. Each of these short-chain fatty acids has its own characteristics. Among them, acetate is the precursor of cholesterol synthesis and propionate is considered an inhibitor of cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver, which can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol. Inulin fermentation increases the ratio of propionate to acetate, which lowers cholesterol production and cholesterol levels. 

“Firewall” against cancer

First of all, when inulin into the human body, the surface of the intestinal tube will form a layer of membrane barrier to reduce the damage of intestinal harmful substances to the intestinal mucosa, effectively preventing intestinal cancer;

Secondly, inulin can effectively prevent constipation and functional diarrhea. This indirectly reduces the carcinogenic substances in feces, harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract and toxins on the intestinal wall cell stimulation, is conducive to the prevention of intestinal cancer; 

Thirdly, the butyrate in short-chain fatty acids produced by inulin by beneficial bacteria can increase intestinal blood supply, nourish mucosal cells and promote the repair of intestinal mucosa. To a large extent, it can prevent and treat ulcerative enteritis and reduce the risk of intestinal cancer by inhibiting chronic inflammation;

New technology for inulin production

1. Anion - cation exchange technology for inulin desalination.

The PH of the material will fluctuate constantly after passing through the alternating column of Yin and Yang. The PH of the material coming out of the positive column will decrease, because the cation is absorbed and H+ is replaced into the material. The PH of the material coming out of the negative column will rise, because anions are absorbed and OH- ions are replaced into the material. In the mixed bed, the Yin resin and the Yang resin were mixed evenly, and the H+ generated by the cation adsorption of the Yang resin and the OH- generated by the anion adsorption of the Yin resin were combined in place to form water. Therefore, there was no increase or decrease of H+ and OH- before and after the materials entered the mixed bed, so the PH of the materials before and after the mixed bed would not fluctuate, and sugarcane fructose would not decompose. Through this technology the recovery rate of inulin was increased from 85% to over 95%.

2. High purity inulin was produced by SMB chromatography

The simulated moving bed is a device for liquid separation operation based on the principle of adsorption. By means of counter-current continuous operation, the position of the inlet and outlet of the chromatographic column can be changed to produce the effect equivalent to the reverse movement between the adsorbent and the material. It has high sensitivity and accuracy, isomers and chiral substances can be separated efficiently. With this new technology, the purity index of inulin was raised from 90% to more than 97%, far beyond the international level.

The development prospect of inulin

At present, the production of inulin in China is less than 100,000 tons, and 200,000 tons of inulin are imported from abroad every year. The huge market gap makes the market potential of inulin very huge. Domestic inulin production is a new industry, and beverage, health care and other industries are vigorously promoting inulin additives, the future market is expected to increase by 6.6% a year.

Today's enterprise competition has entered a comprehensive and diversified era. The homogenization of products enables enterprises to focus on product quality and production cost to establish competitive advantages for enterprises, and to open the gap between enterprises and competitors. Introducing new technology and developing high-end products is a necessary way for enterprises to adapt to the needs of consumers and seek development. Therefore, the new inulin technology is worthy of reference and promotion!

Hanbon technology company’s continuous separation chromatography system and simulated mobile bed chromatography system that can save packing, improve  production efficiency and conversion, is the preferred equipment for the separation and purification of inulin. It can assist domestic research groups or enterprises dedicated to inulin research to build the most cutting-edge continuous chromatography purification platform and accelerate the industrialization process of inulin.

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