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Prep-HPLC System

NS4000 series high performance liquid chromatography system is a chromatographic product developed by Hanbon for laboratory pilot and pilot amplification. The pump head and liquid contact material of infusion pump can be selected as SS316L, titanium alloy, PEEK, etc., which is suitable for the special requirements of different systems. Dual wavelength UV-Visible detector can expand the detection range, and optional differential refractive detector or evaporative detector. The mating columns include conventional high performance liquid chromatography column, spring column, dynamic axial compression column, multi - functional axial compression column.

Product Features

l  Infusion pump adopts electronic damping flow control technology, effectively improve the velocity precision and accuracy of gradient

l  Floating piston design, effectively extend the service life of sealing ring

l  Ultraviolet-visible detector, the detection precision and repeatability; Dual wavelength detection, expand the detection range

l  Optional automatic fraction collector, supporting the retention time collection, response value collection and instant manually collecting fractions collected a variety of ways

l  Rich and complete product specifications, can meet the requirements from development to production of all links

Apply to breed


Luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analogues: goserelin, leproteryline, tripryline, buseryline, histaminoprine, goseryline, etc

Hypoglycemic polypeptides: esenna, laluruptide, linotide, duraluruptide, abirupeptides, tiduropeptides, etc

Echinocalcin: cabofenjing, micafenjing, anifenjing, etc

Other polypeptides: thymus facin, gratiline, tripa, linalotide, thymus pentapeptide, octreotide, somatostatin, vasopressin, follicle-stimulating hormone, bivarudine, etc


Orlistat, clarithromycin, ivermox, sulfonamide sodium, etc.


Carpofenjing, B0, vancomycin, mitomycin, cyclosporine, etc.

Natural Products:

Paclitaxel, huperzine a, camptothecin, saponins, alkaloid injection, etc.