Jiangsu Hanbon Science&Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Hanbon Science&Technology Co., Ltd.
Overall Chromatography Technical Advantages From Laboratory Scale To Industrial Scale
Hanbon Sci.&Tech. continuously develops new products, improves product lines, keeps up with the development trend of biopharmaceuticals, and provides R&D and production equipment for synthesis, purification and delivery of emerging small nucleic acid drugs, mRNA vaccines, and cell therapy drugs.
Biopharm Purification Equipment Chromatography systems and Filtration systems are necessary for the separation and purification of antibodies, vaccines, recombinant protein drugs, blood products, etc.
Oligo Synthesizer From lab scale to commercial production, automatic oligonucleotide synthesizers are available from Bio Oligo 10 to Bio Oligo Pro 3000. Meeting the needs from small scale synthesis、process development to mid-phase clinical trials and commercial production.
Preparative HPLC High accuracy, high stability, ensuring process reproducibility, providing complete GMP and FDA verification documents and services.
Continuous Chromatographic System Continuous chromatographic system is currently mainly used for the purification of effective components such as sugars, antibiotics, amino acids, and natural products.
Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Supercritical fluid chromatography(SFC) can maximize separation efficiency, reduce solvent consumption, reduce costs, and be environmentally friendly.
Total Solutions For Drug Purification
Hanbon can provide comprehensive purification equipment for antibodies, vaccines, insulin, peptides, IVD, CGT, chemical drugs, natural products, etc.
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Hanbon Sci&Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a national "little giant" firm that specializes in liquid chromatography products and is also a national high-tech enterprise. The business has been given permission to construct five provincial-level research and development platforms, including the Jiangsu Postdoctoral Innovation Base and the Jiangsu Industrial Chromatography Technology Innovation Center, and it has more than 200 different types of intellectual property rights.

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