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Jiangsu Hanbon Science&Technology Co., Ltd.


Process development

2200㎡laboratory in Huai' a Wisdom Valley was co-established by the Hanbon and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, equipped with the top brand instruments and equipment in the chromatographic industry. Those instruments and equipment are mainly used to provide customers with process development and technology upgrading. According to the customer's requirements, Hanbon provides the customer with process development services and issues perfect analysis reports, to realize the seamless connection between process and equipment.

Pre-sales advice

Hanbon offers professional pre-sales consulting services, including the process scheme, and the project evaluation. Hanbon also provide the complete process analysis report and the project proposal. According to customer needs and positioning, the most appropriate solutions will be provided.

Program Design

Hanbon's professional design and development capabilities enable us to provide highly customised design solutions and equipment for our customers' needs, using 2D or 3D drawings to demonstrate each project's design in detail. We combine more than 1,000 high-end pharmaceutical applications in the industry to provide our customers with the optimal solution design.

Project management

With a comprehensive project management system, Hanbon provides professional project management services for every project, and conducts strict progress and quality management at all stages of the project to ensure the successful completion of the project, so that every client is assured and satisfied.

Quality-Validation Service

Hanbon's professional quality management team has established an internationally synchronised validation system with a comprehensive validation implementation process to ensure that the equipment meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. Documentation and validation services available include URS, DQ, FAT, IQ/OQ/PQ, SAT and CSV.

Equipment Installation and Debugging

Hanbon can provide perfect installation and commissioning services and professional training for equipment users to ensure that the equipment will be professionally installed and commissioned upon arrival at the customer's site and will enter production smoothly.

Maintenance & Inspection

Hanbon has a strictly trained after-sales service team, which can ensure that it can respond to customers' needs in a timely manner when any problems arise during the operation of the equipment, and carry out professional troubleshooting and overhaul of the equipment to solve problems in a timely manner. At the same time, Hanbang Technology provides regular maintenance services for the sold equipment to identify potential problems in the process of using the equipment; meanwhile, it collects feedback and improvement opinions from customers to provide better development direction for the equipment research and development.

Spare Parts Service

In order to respond quickly to our customers' spare parts needs, Hanbon has set up a dedicated spare parts warehouse. The extensive range of original spare parts available in the Hanbon warehouse will solve customers' worries about equipment maintenance and servicing, reduce customer waiting time and reduce the risk of equipment downtime through rapid transfer and distribution.

Technical Training

Hanbon has experts in the field of process and theoretical research, as well as 30+ experienced engineers to provide customers with the most practical and professional technical training to ensure the perfect combination of equipment and process. The training includes: training in equipment construction and principles, training in installation techniques, training in equipment operation, training in equipment maintenance and testing, training in the installation of accessories, training in production processes and training in industry dynamics.


Based on the latest legal and regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers, Hanbon can provide professional upgrading services to improve the performance of the equipment and meet the latest regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, improving production efficiency and product quality for our customers.