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Bio-Oligo 100 Nucleic Acid Synthesizer

Bio-Oligo 100 can synthesize 50μmol-9mmol of DNA/RNA. This oligo synthesizer machine using modular design and intelligent software combined with synthesis columns of different specifications can synthesize a certain amount of DNA/RNA, and this automated DNA synthesizer machine is used in clinical research, nucleic acid drug development and the synthesis of molecular diagnostic probes.

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Features of Bio-Oligo 100 Nucleic Acid/DNA Synthesizer Machine


Stacked piping design, small dead volume, piping resistant to conventional organic solvents (acetonitrile, toluene), a certain concentration of dichloroacetic acid (3% ~ 10%) and other reagents;

High flow accuracy

PEEK material dual pump head with high flow accuracy and flow accuracy controlled at ± 1%; Flow repeatability: RSD ≤ 0.5%, pump head self-cleaning function;

​Multi user management

Modular design that facilitates equipment maintenance, enables multi-user login and management, ensure information security and tracking;

​Custom method editing

Process parameters setting module customization, process method self-editing, good human-computer interaction experience;

​High degree of automation

Low reagent losses, high degree of automation, monitoring of synthesis pressure throughout, conductivity values, UV detection etc.

High synthesis efficiency

Cycle time: 4.5 ~25min (standard DNA), synthesis efficiency: > 99% for DNA, > 98% for RNA, can synthesize DNA / RNA of different sequence length;

Individually customized

Base monomer bottle quantities can be expanded to a maximum of 18, meeting the needs for the synthesis of modified monomers from a subset of customers;

Compliance with laws and regulations

Software design is compliant with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11.

Bio-Oligo 100 Nucleic Acid/DNA Synthesizer Machine Specification

Synthesis scale 50μmol-9mmol
Solvent compatibility Deprotection reagents, BTT, Thio reagents, etc.
Pump Piston pump, PEEK material, pump head self-cleaning function, double pump head design, 0~100ml/min
Column reactor 1 pcs
Amidite bottle Standard 8, expandable to 18
Monomer inlet 1
Waste liquid outlet 8
Operating pressure 15bar (218psi)
Inert gas pressure 0.3~0.35 bar
UV detector Wavelength range 190~ 400nm, accuracy ±1nm (double channel UV detector is optional)
Conductivity detector 0~999mS/cm
Pipe material PTFE tube, PEEK tube
Single cycle time <30min
Synthesis efficiency >99% for DNA >98% for RNA
Power supply 220V±5% AC
Wattage 900W
Weight 55kg
Dimensions 450*570*570mm
Operating temperature 10~40℃
Humidity 0.3

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