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Single-use System

Single-use System specifically designed for the amplification and production of processes in fields such as ADC, mRNA vaccines, plasmid DNA, genes, and cell therapies, utilizing disposable pipelines and flow pools to achieve fast and flexible biological processes.

Types of Single-use System

Single-use Chromatography System
Single-use Chromatography System
Replaceable disposable parts make up the pump heads, valves, tubing, and liquid-contact portions of single-use chromatography systems such pressure transducers, flow meters, pH, conductivity, and UV detectors.
Single-use Tangential Flow Filtration System
Single-use Tangential Flow Filtration System
There is no requirement for CIP verification because all parts are made to be aseptically pre-packaged beforehand and inserted right after unpacking before use. especially well-suited to applications where various CDMOs or numerous goods are used in the same line.
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