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Hanbon Technology Shines at CPHI&PMEC China 2024

CPHI & PMEC China  


The first day of the plum rain season in Shanghai,

Drizzling rain arrives “as expected,”


gracefully steps onto the stage once again,

shining brilliantly against the backdrop of the gentle rain.

With open arms and boundless enthusiasm,

it welcomes visitors from all corners of the world,

together painting an unprecedented grand picture of the pharmaceutical industry!

1. Highlights Review


On June 19th, the “22nd World Pharmaceutical Ingredients China Exhibition” (CPHI China 2024) and the “17th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment, and Materials China Exhibition” (PMEC China 2024), jointly organized by Informa Markets and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products, and strongly supported by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., grandly opened amidst a light drizzle, making a dazzling debut!


2. Live Coverage from the Hanbang Technology Booth

At this year’s CPHI exhibition, Hanbon Technology, together with its subsidiaries Hanhuang Technology and Hande Technology, showcased their latest research achievements and technological advancements in the laboratory equipment and instruments section. The booth attracted a large number of visitors from around the world, drawn by their high regard for the Hanbon brand. Engaging in deep conversations with Hanbon’s team representatives, these interactions covered key issues in the pharmaceutical industry, the various challenges faced, and potential future directions. Through these enthusiastic discussions, participants collectively outlined a grand blueprint for the industry’s evolution, working together to promote the future development of the pharmaceutical field.




3. Exhibit Review


CS-Prep Industrial Preparative Liquid Chromatography System

The CS-Prep Industrial Preparative Liquid Chromatography System is an industrial-scale separation and purification device characterized by high throughput, speed, automation, and explosion-proof features. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, plant extraction, and food industries for separation and purification processes. This system effectively enhances production efficiency, automation levels, and the purity and yield of products.

ACC Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Column

ACC Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Column

Hanbon Technology’s newly exhibited ACC Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Column is a widely used device in downstream purification processes in the biopharmaceutical industry. Its push-pull structure replaces the traditional side-rotating design of chromatography columns, allowing for smoother and more effortless column removal, more space-efficient maintenance, and eliminating the need for additional support devices.


Bio-Oligo 150 Nucleic Acid Synthesizer

The Bio-Oligo series is a high-efficiency, fast, and reliable oligonucleotide synthesizer independently developed by the company. Featuring a modular design and intelligent software, this series can synthesize specific quantities of DNA/RNA using various sizes of synthesis columns. The system is suitable for clinical research, nucleic acid drug development, and the synthesis of molecular diagnostic probes.


Bio-Lab Laboratory Chromatography System

The Bio-Lab Laboratory Chromatography System is a high-efficiency, fast, and reliable fully automated chromatography device independently developed by the company. It is designed for the rapid purification of biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids at microgram to gram scales. Featuring a modular design and intelligent software, this system can accommodate various sizes of chromatography columns to meet the diverse purification needs of biological macromolecules in the laboratory.


Bio-Lab TFF Automatic Tangential Flow Filtration System

The Bio-Lab TFF Automatic Tangential Flow Filtration System is an easy-to-use automated ultrafiltration (UF/DF) system, suitable for processes such as harvesting, clarification, concentration, and diafiltration in the research and small-scale production of antibodies, vaccines, and nucleic acid drugs in biopharmaceuticals. It features a fully automated intelligent design, with automatic TMP (transmembrane pressure) control, enabling functions such as automatic concentration, constant volume diafiltration, automatic collection, and automatic data recording.


SFC Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System

The Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) system can precisely adjust the mobile phase strength, pressure, and temperature, allowing fine-tuned control over the system’s separation capability and selectivity. It offers unparalleled advantages in the quantitative analysis and separation and purification of structural analogs, isomers, enantiomers, and diastereomers.

SFC is a novel separation technique following GC and HPLC, combining the powerful orthogonality of normal-phase chromatography with the ease of use and reliability of reverse-phase chromatography. SFC maximizes separation efficiency, reduces solvent consumption, lowers costs, and is environmentally friendly.


Hedera Series Chromatography Media

Hande Technology made a remarkable appearance, showcasing a series of chromatography media widely used in downstream purification processes in the biopharmaceutical field. This includes, but is not limited to, high-performance media for affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, gel filtration chromatography, and reverse-phase chromatography, as well as various types of chromatography columns.

Hanbon Technology’s presentations at past CPHI exhibitions have always been steadfast steps towards the future, a solemn commitment to what lies ahead. We are deeply honored to stand alongside numerous industry peers, seeking development opportunities in the vast realm of pharmaceuticals. Let us embark on this journey of exploration and innovation together, forging ahead with determination. On the path of advancing chromatography technology, we will continue to make progress and contribute to the well-being of humanity.