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ACC® Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Column

ACC® automatic axial compression chromatography columns can ensure consistent filling results each time, and the chromatographic results can be repeated, reducing the risks caused by large differences between batches in the production process. ACC® series of automatic chromatographic columns are suitable for most types of chromatographic fillers and corresponding column loading methods in the biopharmaceutical industry, and meet the production requirements of diversified products.

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Features of ACC® Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Column


Reliable chromatography columns with these specialties:

  • Equipped with automatic column loading workstation, fully automatic column loading, unloading, and cleaning, simple and convenient maintenance;

  • Key components adopt international first-class brands;

  • The upper and lower limits of the chromatographic column are protected by software, photoelectric sensors, and machinery to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel;

  • Patented piston sealing design, better sealing performance;

  • Patent piston exhaust structure design, convenient and fast exhaust;

  • Scientific distributor structure design ensures uniform distribution of material and liquid;

  • High precision servo motor drive, high operating accuracy;

  • The hygiene grade design has no clean dead corners, and the liquid receiving materials comply with relevant pharmaceutical regulations such as USP VI or FDA;

  • The column installation workstation software meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and meets the requirements for remote backup and storage of data.

ACC® Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Column Specifications

Model No.ACC300ACC400ACC450ACC600ACC800ACC1000ACC1200ACC1400ACC1600ACC2000
Tube height (mm)600
Max working pressure(bar )4
Frit pore size(μm)10、 20(SS316L)
Working temperature(℃)4~40
Axial compression methodAutomatic - electric motor axial compression
Compressed air(bar)5~7

External dimension(cm)70x7072x7273x7390x90145x115162x128186x150206x170230x200280x247
Max maintenance height(cm)235240253253279283318335362362
Transport height(cm)160172181182209209260280282285
Recommended packing
Recommended packing
Inlet and outlet diameter
3/8" TC
(OD:9.5 ID: 7.75)
1/2" TC
(OD:12.7 ID: 9.4)
3/4" TC
(OD:19.1 ID: 15.8)
1" TC
(OD:25.4 ID: 22.1)
1.5" TC
(OD: 38.1 ID: 34.8)
2.0" TC
(OD: 50.8 ID: 47.5)

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