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CO₂ Booster Station

CO2 booster station is a kind of piston type booster pump with compressed air as the power source. It uses the low pressure gas of large area piston end to drive and produce high pressure fluid of small area piston end, so that the pressurized CO2 is pressurized according to a certain proportion. The output pressure can be adjusted steplessly by adjusting the pressure of driving air. Application: suitable for CO2 pressurization and transportation.

booster station

Features of CO2 Booster Station

Automatic pressure holding

When the outlet pressure reaches the preset pressure value, the air booster pump will stop working automatically to save energy; when the outlet pressure is lower than the preset pressure value, it will automatically supplement pressure to keep the pressure constant.

Easy to use

By adjusting the inlet pressure, the required pressure can be easily obtained.

Heating module

The cabinet heating is adopted to reduce the frost phenomenon on the outer wall of the pipeline.

CO2 Booster Station Specification

Maximum flow rate1000mL/min(customized)
Maximum outlet pressure16MPa(customized)
Minimum inlet pressure1.5MPa(customized)
Booster pump typeGas drive pump

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