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SFC-Dynamic Axial Compression Column

SFC-Dynamic Axial Compression Column (DAC) has the most mature loading technology in the field of preparative chromatography. It can self load, maintain column pressure and self unload, with the function of the chromatographic column and packed column machine. The chromatographic column packed with DAC can meet the requirements of continuity, uniformity, stability and tightness of column bed and eliminate the influence of column-bed collapse.

dynamic axial compression column

Features of SFC-Dynamic Axial Compression Column


The DAC column, specially designed for the SFC system, is able to withstand pressures up to 20MPa. This will improve the stability of the system.


The design of heat preservation jacket of column tube can keep the CO2 in supercritical state when entering the chromatography column, which can meet the reproducibility of the chromatogram.


The new material of O-type sealing ring can solve the problem of carbon dioxide gas explosion and reduce the failure rate of equipment running for a long time.


Improved hydraulic principle design with additional "hold" function to prevent CO2 back pressure from causing the piston to move up.

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