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Buffer Dilution/ Conditioning System

Bio-Con® inline buffer dilution system is to mix various concentrated buffer solutions, including acid, alkali, salt, etc., with injection water online to prepare the required buffer solution. Different concentrations can be accurately prepared according to specific usage situations. The online dilution and preparation system can quickly achieve stable control parameters. It can also be integrated with the Bio-Pro® pilot & process chromatography system or Bio-TFF tangential flow filtration system as a whole, continuously completing the process of "preparation + chromatography or preparation + tangential flow filtration", overall control and data recording. The overall system is based on DCS+BATCH system control, which can achieve centralized management, centralized control, batch processing, and batch control of the system, with a higher degree of automation.

The Difference Between Dilution And In-Line Dilution

The Inline Dilution System is similar to the two-pump gradient mode and allows for buffer dilution within a certain range. However, given the solubility of the mother liquor, pH shift after dilution and other phenomena, the robustness of buffer formulation is limited in large-scale applications.

The in-line conditioning system uses a single component mother liquor of acid system, base system, salt system, water and additive system to perform buffer formulation, simulating the traditional laboratory formulation mode, with corresponding pH and conductivity feedback adjustment added during the formulation process for improving buffer preparation stability.

The in-line buffer configuration is a single-component buffer concentrate with high solubility and can therefore be diluted up to a hundred times, which allows the volume of the buffer tank to be reduced a hundred times and can really solve the efficiency of room utilisation in the dispensing room or between uses.

It is possible to obtain an in-line buffer configuration system that has obvious advantages over in-line dilution systems in terms of scalability and adaptability, and at the same time provides a better solution for modern buffer preparation.

The Need For In-Line Automatic Buffer Conditioning Systems

The Need For In-Line Automatic Buffer Conditioning Systems

Buffer preparation for chromatography and filtration steps in bioprocessing is a challenge in terms of providing timely buffer delivery, reproducibility, and good process economics.

Traditionally, buffer preparation relies mostly on manual work, which is labour-intensive and makes it difficult to avoid human errors, such as inaccurate weighing or deviations in the dosing of injection water for dilution. In addition, the target buffer must pass various quality control tests before it can be used in production, resulting in long dispensing cycles. The tanks must also be thoroughly cleaned and validated if they are used for other liquids. Another issue that should not be overlooked is that these large dispensing and storage tanks take up a lot of money and plant space.

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