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Newstyle® Laboratory Liquid Chromatography System

Newstyle® laboratory liquid chromatography system is developed by Hanbon Sci&Tech for laboratory analysis, small-scale and pilot scale up. The infusion pump head and liquid circuit contact materials can be selected from SS316L, titanium alloy, PEEK etc., which are suitable for the special requirements of different systems. Dual wavelength UV visible detector, which can expand the detection range, and can also be equipped with differential refractive detector or evaporative luminescence detector. The supporting chromatographic columns include conventional standard liquid chromatography columns, spring columns, dynamic axial compression columns, multifunctional axial compression columns etc.

portable high performance liquid chromatography

Features of Newstyle® Laboratory Liquid Chromatography System


The infusion pump adopts electronic damping flow control technology, effectively improving the accuracy of flow rate and gradient;


Floating piston design, effectively extending the service life of the sealing ring;


UV visible detector with good detection accuracy and repeatability; 


Dual wavelength detection, expanding the detection range;


Optional automatic distillate collector, supporting multiple distillate collection methods such as retention time collection, response value collection, and real-time manual collection;


Rich and completed product specifications can meet the requirements of all stages from development to production.

Newstyle® Laboratory Liquid Chromatography System Specification

Model No.NS4201NS4205NS4210NS4330NS4360NS43100NS43300
Infusion Unit
Flow range(mL/min)0.001~9.9990.01~49.990.01~99.990.01~299.990.01~599.990.1~999.90.1~2999.9
Flow accuracy%±0.5±1±1±1±1±1±1.5
Pressure range(Mpa)≤ 42≤ 25≤ 20≤ 15≤ 15≤ 10≤ 10
Detection Unit
Wavelength range(nm)
190~700nm, single and dual wavelength mode optical
Light sourceDeuterium lamp(optical: tungsten lamp)
Wavelength accuracy (nm)± 2nm
Wavelength repeatability (nm0.2nm
Baseline noise±2×10^-5 AU, 254nm, TC=1S
Baseline drift±4×10^-4 AU, 254nm
Chromatography Separation Unit
Recommended ModelPreloaded ColumnDAC column
Injection UnitSix-way valve injectionSix-way valve / Pump injectionPump injection
Data Process UnitEasyChrom chromatography workstation

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