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Intepure™ Integrated Liquid Chromatograph

Intepure is a flexible and intuitive chromatography system for the rapid purification of milligram to gram scale chemical synthesis, natural products, peptides, fermentation drugs and other target products. The system can be fitted with pre-loaded columns of φ10-30mm and dynamic axial compression columns of φ50-100mm to meet high purity automation requirements.

hplc chromatography machine

Features of Intepure™ Integrated Liquid Chromatograph

​RFID technology

RFID module to track the column usage records, to reasonably determine the life of the column, to guide the separation and purification experiments

Fully automatic intelligent column holder

Fully automatic intelligent touch control automatic lifting column holder, convenient operation

Automatic identification

Collector automatic identification module, can automatically identify the test tube rack

Intepure-F series has built-in TLC gradient method conversion

Input double TLC plate information, automatically generate sample gradient purification method, easily solve the method setting Method setting problems

Intepure™ Integrated liquid chromatograph Specification

Intepure-H series

Model No. Intepure-H 25 Intepure-H 100 Intepure-H 300
Pump Flow range(mL/min) 0-25ml/min 0-100ml/min 0-300ml/min
Pressure range(Mpa) 30 MPa 30MPa 25MPa
Flow accuracy% ±1% ±1% ±1%

Pressure pulsation
≤0.2 MPa ≤0.2 MPa ≤0.5MPa
Injection pump Flow range(mL/min) 2ml 10ml 50ml
Inlet valve diameter of hole 2mm 2mm 4mm
Connection material PTFE PTFE PTFE
Injection valve Pressure resistance 5000psi 5000psi 3500psi
Connection material S31603 S31603 S31603
Sample selection valves Pressure resistance 200psi 200psi 200psi
Connection material PEEK PEEK PEEK
Detector Brand HANBON
Wavelength range(nm) 190-400nm(Standard)/400-700nm(Standard)
Wavelength accuracy (nm) ±0.2nm
Wavelength repeatability (nm) 0.2nm
Baseline noise ±1×10-5 AU, 254nm, TC= 1S
Baseline drift ≤3AU
Collector Specification 120 x 15ml centrifuge tubes, 42 x 50ml centrifuge tubes
Intelligent identification Collection can be based on a combination of information such as time, volume, column volume and UV value;
Precise recognition of collector coordinates, when the 120/42 tube is collected to full capacity, the receiver automatically pauses and when replaced with a new tube, the receiver will re-collect from the initial first tube

Intepure-F series

Model No. Intepure-F 25 Intepure-F 100 Intepure-F 300
Flow range(mL/min)


Flow accuracy% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±1%

Pressure pulsation
≤0.2 ≤0.2 ≤0.5
Presusre range(Mpa) 500/1500 500/1500 300/1500
Gradient Four-way solvent, binary gradient
Connection material S31603/PEEKPTFE
Injection Manual injection/pre-loaded column injection
10mm 20~50mm
Detector DAD Detector
Wavelength range(nm) 190~700
Collector Automatic fraction collection
Test tube racks 2ml(168)/5ml(120)/10ml(80)/25ml(48)/50ml(24)
Automatic identification of test tube racks available
Air pump available
Liquid level monitoring Automatic intelligent level monitoring in real time
Size(mm) 420×520×520
Control Touch Panel PC / Desktop All-in-One PC
Intepure™ operating software

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