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Hanbon Technology Debuts at Bio China 2024 Suzhou Yimao Biotech Industry Conference

I. Wonderful Recap

In this spring-filled industry gala, Jiangsu Hanbon Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed guests from all directions, together witnessing the vigorous strides forward of China’s biopharmaceutical industry. Here, we extend our sincerest thanks to every friend who stepped into the Hanbon Technology booth. It is your footsteps that have infused this innovative land with vitality and hope. For those friends who were unable to attend in person for various reasons, we are equally grateful. It is because of your silent support and continuous attention that we have been able to go further in the biopharmaceutical industry and continue to grow robustly.


Now, let us together revisit those unforgettable highlights of the event!




II. Exhibit Recap

In line with the theme of this conference, we carefully showcased some of the company’s innovative products and provided an in-depth demonstration of these innovations to the attending clients. In the midst of intense yet fulfilling exchanges, our products not only won recognition from industry experts but also garnered widespread acclaim from customers. Next, let us focus on these products, briefly review their features and highlights, and appreciate the innovative strength and relentless pursuit of Jiangsu Hanbon Technology in the field of biopharmaceuticals.



ACC Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Column

Hanbon Technology’s brand new generation of ACC Automatic Axial Compression Chromatography Columns adopts a push-pull structure to replace the traditional side-rotation structure of chromatography columns. This chromatography column has the following advantages:


The column cylinder is removed more smoothly

Especially for traditional structure chromatography columns with large diameters, due to the weight of the column cylinder itself, tilting can occur after side rotation; whereas the push-pull structure adopts a three-point support, making the column cylinder move more smoothly in a horizontal position.

The column cylinder is easier to remove

Due to the heavy weight of large-diameter column cylinders, rotating them can be laborious. The brand new generation of push-pull chromatography column structure provides 3 wheels as moving points, where rolling friction has less resistance than the sliding friction of traditional structures, making it easier to remove the column cylinder during cleaning and maintenance.



In the traditional structure, the column cylinder rotates out and unfolds in a fan-shaped arc, requiring more space and resulting in low space utilization, demanding higher requirements for factory space utilization. After the structural upgrade, the column cylinder is directly pushed out in a translational movement, allowing for better use of factory space and saving floor area.


No need for an additional support rod

For traditional structure chromatography columns with an inner diameter of more than 1200mm, the column cylinder will tilt due to its own weight after being removed. To avoid this, an additional support structure with casters is required to prevent deformation of the connecting plate. The brand new generation ACC push-pull structure adopts a three-point support design, which can smoothly remove the column cylinder for maintenance.



MCC Manual Chromatography Column

The MCC series manual chromatography columns utilize a manual screw compression method for packing material, featuring a simple configuration that is easy to clean and disinfect, and convenient for manual operation, suitable for switching between diversified products. The structure of the chromatography column is compactly designed, convenient to operate, and stable in performance, capable of meeting the usage requirements of the vast majority of chromatography packing materials.



CS-Prep Industrial Preparative Liquid Chromatography System

The CS-Prep industrial preparative liquid chromatography system, as an industrialized separation and purification equipment, features high throughput, speed, automation, and explosion-proof characteristics. It is widely used in the separation and purification processes in the pharmaceutical, chemical, phytochemical, and food industries, effectively improving production efficiency, automation levels, and the purity and yield of products.


The CS-Prep industrial preparative liquid chromatography system consists of an infusion part, a sample introduction part, a detection part, a fraction collection part, and a control and data processing part. The overall design of the equipment complies with GMP, cGMP, and FDA regulations, among others. It can perform processes such as equilibration, loading, washing, elution, automatic collection, and online cleaning, and can provide validation documents that meet the requirements of GMP and other relevant regulations.



Bio Oligo 100 Nucleic Acid Synthesizer

The Bio-Oligo series of equipment is a new, efficient, fast, and reliable oligonucleotide synthesizer independently developed by Jiangsu Hanbon Technology Co., Ltd. Currently, this series offers three different scales for customers to choose from: Bio-Oligo 10/100/150. The equipment utilizes a modular design and intelligent software, and by combining synthesis columns of different specifications, it can synthesize a certain amount of DNA/RNA. This system is used for clinical research, nucleic acid drug development, and the synthesis of molecular diagnostic probes.



Bio Lab Laboratory Chromatography System

The Bio-Lab laboratory chromatography system is a high-efficiency, fast, and reliable fully automatic chromatography equipment independently developed by our company. It can be used for the rapid purification of biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids from microgram to gram levels. The system adopts a modular design and intelligent software, and by combining chromatography columns of different specifications, it can meet the purification needs of various biomolecules in the laboratory.



Bio Lab TFF Ultrafiltration System

The Bio-Lab TFF Automatic Tangential Flow Filtration System is an easy-to-use automatic ultrafiltration UF/DF system, suitable for the harvesting, clarification, concentration, and buffer exchange processes in the research and development and pilot scale of antibodies, vaccines, nucleic acid drugs, etc., in biopharmaceuticals. It features a fully automatic intelligent design, automatically controls TMP (TransMembrane Pressure), and realizes functions such as automatic concentration, isovolumetric diafiltration, automatic collection, and automatic data recording.


III. Technical Seminar

When it comes to the hottest product in the pharmaceutical industry over the past two years, everyone would unanimously mention the “weight loss miracle drug Semaglutide.” According to the latest financial report from Novo Nordisk, in the fiscal year 2023, the cumulative sales of their blood sugar reduction + weight loss indication product exceeded 150 billion RMB. Globally, Semaglutide is on track to surpass the “King of Drugs” Humira. This development has caused a stir, with numerous domestic pharmaceutical companies entering the fray.



This technical seminar, initiated by Hanbon Technology with the theme “Comprehensive Solutions for GLP-1 Raw Material Production,” focuses on three main topics: GLP-1 process and production solutions, commercial production process routes of Semaglutide, and the application of large-scale tangential flow systems in GLP-1.


Teacher Wu Wenzhe comprehensively covered the market development and production challenges of GLP-1 drugs from three aspects: the principles and market background of GLP-1 peptide drugs, the characteristics of solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) technology, and advanced purification production solutions for peptide drugs.


Teacher Meng Xiangcheng brought insights into the commercial production process route of Semaglutide from perspectives such as the introduction to the commercial production process route of Semaglutide, purification production process equipment and piping and tank layout design, and the overall layout design concept of the commercial production line.


Teacher Liu Zhen’s report focused on the application of large-scale tangential flow systems in GLP-1, covering topics such as the application of tangential flow systems in GLP-1 analog processes, design considerations for large-scale tangential flow systems, and integrated responses to the GLP-1 market demand, comprehensively explaining the role of tangential flow systems in the production of GLP-1.



At this biotech industry conference, Hanbon Technology’s appearance was not just a showcase, but also a commitment to the future. We feel honored to explore the infinite possibilities of biotechnology with our industry colleagues. Let us move forward together, continuously breaking new ground on the path of innovation, refining chromatography technology, and dedicating ourselves to human health.