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Bio-Pro® Pilot & Process Chromatography System

Bio-Pro® pilot&process chromatography system is suitable for pilot and large-scale production of biopharmaceutical purification processes. The system is designed with integrated modules according to ASME BPE and GMP requirements, and can be configured in various ways according to customer specific usage requirements. The system can manually or automatically achieve processes such as balancing, sampling, rinsing, elution, automatic collection, clean in place, and can provide customers with verification documents that comply with GMP regulations.

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Features of Bio-Pro® Pilot & Process Chromatography System

High Quality with Stability
  • Key components of the system adopt internationally renowned brands, which are stable and reliable;

  • The pipeline design adopts ASME BPE standard, with inner wall electric polishing, Ra ≤ 0.4um, and automatic welding;

  • Provide FDA or USP Class VI material certification for non-stainless steel materials in contact with the material liquid;

  • All stainless steel materials in contact with the material have a serial number, serial number/furnace number to ensure traceability;

  • The instrument adopts digital communication to overcome the problems caused by analog signals;

  • The control software adopts self-developed software on the C # platform, which meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11;

  • Using a database to store data and having mature and reliable solutions to interface with various DCS systems;

  • Provide complete GMP verification documents and services;

  • Can achieve double-column position series-parallel connection.

Bio-Pro® Pilot & Process Chromatography System Specification

Model No.Bio-Pro 60Bio-Pro 180Bio-Pro 600Bio-Pro 1200Bio-Pro 2500Bio-Pro 4400
Infusion pumpHigh-accuracy
constant-flow pump
Sanitary quaternary diaphragm pump

Flow range(L/h)1~601~1806~60010~120050-2500150~5000
Flow accuracy(L/h)1% or 5ml/min1% or 0.5L/h1% or 1.5L/h1% or 3L/h1% or 5L/h1% or 10L/h
(OD6.35 X ID4.57)
(OD9.53 X ID7.75)
(OD12.7 X ID9.4)
(OD19.05 X ID15.75)
(OD 25.4 X ID 22.1)
1½" TC
(OD38.1 X ID34.8)
Tubing materialSS 316L(ASME BPE), Electro polishing Ra≤0.4um
System pressure(bar)6
UV-Vis Detector(nm)Fixed wavelength 280nm / adjustable wavelength with 4 channels 200-400/200-800nm
Conductivity range0.1uS/cm~300mS/cm( 0.1uS / cm~500mS / cm )
pH range0~14
Working temperature4~40 ℃
Compression air(bar)5~7
Size(mm)1400x750x1300/ 1100*700*12001370x700x12001470x750x13501470x750x13501800x1200x1800
Weight(kg)265 /220230280295630700

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