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Bio-Lab® Laboratory Chromatography System

Bio-Lab®laboratory chromatography system is a highly efficient, fast, and reliable automatic chromatography device independently developed by Hanbon, which can be used for the rapid purification of biological molecules such as protein, polypeptide, and nucleic acids from micrograms to grams. The system uses modular design and intelligent software, combined with different specifications of chromatographic columns, to meet the purification requirements of various biological macromolecules in the laboratory.

equipment used for chromatography
equipment used in chromatography

Features of Lab® Laboratory Chromatography System


High performance system pumps, detectors, mixers, and various control valves provide good accuracy and repeatability, ensuring that expected results can be obtained quickly;


Modular design facilitates system maintenance, and combined with powerful system software, it can achieve flexible configuration upgrades to meet the multi user login mode;


Stacked pipeline design, small dead volume of pipeline, good biocompatibility of all pipelines and components in contact with the sample, and full protection of protein activity;


The software complies with GLP/GMP regulations and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements;


The software features complete functionality, a good user experience, and a switchable interface in both Chinese and English to meet multi-level user permissions and complete audit tracking requirements.

Bio-Lab® Laboratory Chromatography System Specifications

Bio-Lab® Standard Configuration Parameter

Model No. Bio-Lab 30 Bio-Lab 100 Bio-Lab 300
System Pump Binary piston pump, PEEK, titanium alloy or 316 L stainless steel, good biological  compatibility; pump head self-washing functionprevents pollution and salting out, and electronic pressure fluctuation compensation measures provide excellent gradient accuracy
and repeatability for lab chromatography system to ensure the reproducibility.
Flow Rate Range(ml/min) 0~30 0~100 0~300
Pump-max pressure(MPa) ≤30 ≤20 ≤15
System-max pressure 1.3Mpa(Customized 0-8Mpa)
Flow Rate Accuracy ±1.0%
Gradient Model Linear, isocratic, and stepwise elution gradients which modify the gradient ratio online
UV Detector Two channel UV detector, deuterium lamp (standard), tungsten lamp (optional)
Wavelength Range(nm) 190-400
Absorbance Range(Au) -5~5
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Conductivity Detection Range 1~999 mS/cm,error of ±3%
pH Detection Range 0~14,error of ±0.05pH, 0.01pH Resolution
Valve Standard: 2-channel inlet valve*2; Column position valve; Injection valve; 2-channel collection valve
Sensor Air sensor and Pressure transmitter
Mixer(ml) 0.6、2、5、10
Software Workstation Bio-lab®Chromatographic work station
Power(kw) 1 1 1
Dimensions(cm) 450*585*604 450*585*604 620*550*675
Joint specification 1/16",1/8" 1/16",1/8" 1/8",1/4",3/16"

Bio-Lab® Optional Configuration Parameter

UV Detector Ecom four-channel detector,200-800nm
Differential Refractive Detector RI-501、RI-502、RI-504
Sample Pump
Flow Rate Range(mL/min) High accuracy piston pump
Air sensor Optional dual branch Air sensor
Pressure Sensor Optional post-column Pressure Sensor
Inlet Valve 4- channel inlet valve or 8- channel is optional
Multifunctional Column 4-channel column position valve or 6-channel or
Position Valve 8-channel is optional
Outlet Valve 4- channel outlet valve or 8- channel is optional

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